no one and no-one - the difference

Spell no one without a hyphen. i.e., not no-one.

No Hyphen

The formal spelling of no one is without a hyphen.


Correct spelling of no one
(Sign in US laundry room)

Hyphen Becoming Acceptable

In recent years, the no-one version has become more popular. Some grammarians condone the hyphenated version, claiming it eliminates ambiguity with no one as in "No one person can overcome her power."  However, the times when there would be true ambiguity are very seldom. Here is one example:
  • No one can will work.
  • (Is the subject "No one can" or "No one"?)

There is notable leniency on how to write no one; i.e., using a hyphen does not constitute a grammatical howler. However, let's be clear on this, the correct spelling is no one.

Nobody and nowhere have become single words. However, no one has not. Noone is wrong.

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