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What is the difference between flier and flyer?

The noun flier can be a person or thing that flies. The noun flyer is a leaflet.


The noun flier describes something or someone that flies. (In the United States, flier is occasionally used to denote a leaflet. However, flyer is more widely accepted for a leaflet.)

  • I'm not a nervous flier. I realize it's still the safest form of travel. (Cheryl Ladd)
  • I've always been a good flier. I love the whole experience. (Erika Christensen)


The word flyer is a noun meaning leaflet, pamphlet, or handbill.

  • When someone hands you a flyer, it's like they're saying: "Here you throw this away." (Mitch Hedberg)
  • The flyer has plenty of information about the upcoming concert.


A flier is something that flies.
A flyer can be used to swat a fly.

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