appraise and apprise - the difference

To appraise means to assess.
To apprise means to inform.

Many use the verb appraise when they mean apprise.  This rarely happens the other way round (i.e., using apprise instead of appraise.)


The verb to appraise means to assess or to evaluate.


We inspect and appraise pre-owned vehicles.
(assess/evaluate pre-own vehicles)

Managers appraise their subordinates against objectives set in the terms of reference.
(assess/evaluate their subordinates)


The verb to apprise means to inform or to notify.


Please apprise the patient of the outcome of yesterday's meeting.
(inform/notify/tell the patient)

Managers appraise their subordinates of objectives in the terms of
(should be apprise their subordinates of objectives, i.e., notify them)
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 This error occurs because many are unaware that the verb to apprise even exists.  Well, it does.  In fact, in business writing, it's marginally more common than to appraise.

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