Appraise or Apprise?

What Is the Difference between "Appraise" and "Apprise"?

The Quick Answer


(verb) "to assess"
  • Please appraise the new standards to determine how they affect the company. correct tick


(verb) "to inform"
  • Please apprise all members of staff of the new standards. correct tick
appraise or apprise?
"Appraise" and "apprise" are often confused. Typically, this confusion arises because a writer does not know the word "apprise" exists. "Appraise" means "to assess." "Apprise" means "to inform." For example:
  • I need to appraise the situation. correct tick
  • I need to apprise the management team of the latest changes. correct tick

Quick Test on Appraise and Apprise

It's your go. Select the correct one:


The verb "to appraise" means to assess or to evaluate.

Here are some example sentences with "appraise":
  • We inspect and appraise pre-owned vehicles. correct tick
  • (We aevaluate pre-owned vehicles.)
  • Managers appraise their subordinates against objectives set in their terms of reference. correct tick
  • (Managers assess their subordinates.)


The verb "to apprise" means to inform, to notify, or to tell.

Here are some example sentences with "apprise":
  • Please apprise the patient of the outcome of yesterday's meeting. correct tick
  • (Please inform the patient.)
  • Managers appraise their subordinates of objectives in the terms of reference. wrong cross
  • (This should be "apprise their subordinates of objectives," i.e., notify them.)

A Video Summary

Here is a 2-minute video summarizing the difference between "appraise" and "apprise." video lesson

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